La Source

La Source is the name of the association attached to Christ Church Brittany and has several arms.

First, there is an English book library which uses one of the rooms in the chapel and serves many people in addition to church members, and with over 10,000 books to choose from has a really extensive collection of varied reading. 

The association also includes a community choir, La Source Singers, formed five years ago and led by Suzanne Cross,choir with accompaniment by Michael Coe and Arthur Brown.  The choir now has around 50 members of both English and French speakers and is very popular, regularly performing at concerts in Ploermel and the surrounding area.

There is also a ladies fitness group with about 20 members who meet on a regular basis.

The latest addition is a recently formed hand bell group under the leadership of Michael Coe and again has both English and French speaking members.

A local French chamber choir, Les Arthuriens, also have use of the building and is again led by Michael Coe.